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ATHLETICS Gebre-Egziabiher, Workinesh Win the Great Ethiopian Run

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Mekelle, March 28,2004 (WIC)-Athlete Gebre-Egziabiher Gebremariam won the Great Ethiopian Run organized for the first time in Mekelle town of the Tigray State, while Worknesh Kidane took gold in the women’s competition.

ATHLETICS When Kenya Was Humbled By Ethiopian Rivals
After the world cross country championships here in Brussels, the message for Kenya was loud and clear: Go back to the drawing board.
After 18 years of dominance, Kenya lost the overall title to neighbouring Ethiopia. Kenya won one gold medal and a bronze, thanks to Edith Masai and Ernest Meli. Masai ensured she won her third consecutive title in the championship to become the first woman to attain such a feat.

Technology Microsoft software to speak more languages
SEATTLE — Microsoft Corp. is known for aggressive efforts to extend its global reach. Now, it’s taking that further, with a project to double the roster of languages its software can speak.

Law Government criticized for not respecting the rule of law
The Reporter (Addis Ababa) By Abebe Tadesse
Ato Tilahun Teshome, associate professor at the Addis Ababa University Law Faculty, said last week the rule of law was not properly respected in Ethiopia and that there was interference and a tendency of undermining the judiciary’s activity.

 Open Letter to the CNN —’It Must Be a Sick Joke’
Addis Tribune: Sir – I have watched your programme on the constant famine of Ethiopia on your February 28, 2004 transmission on CNN TV, “Surviving the Hunger.” I was very surprised and deeply concerned on the way journalism works in the western world after watching it. It is your responsibility; and you should be praised for such a concern. However, I am very upset on your cheap propaganda against the poor people and the poor country. I keep asking myself: is this really broadcast to show the reality that our country has faced now?

Technology Computers Help Ethiopian High Schools Harness Online Power
United Nations Development Programme: (New York):March 8, 2004
UNDP and Ethiopia’s ICT for Development Authority have delivered the first batch of 1,500 computers to the Ministry of Education as part of efforts to bring information and communications technology (ICT) to more than 160 high schools around the country.

Press Release: AFAR COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION It is now officially announced the establishment of the Afar Community Association in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The name of the Association is Afar Community Association hereafter referred to as “ACA”. It shall be voluntary, self-help, social and cultural oriented

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