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Reversing Brain Drain: A Personal Testimony
I am an intellectual product of the Addis Ababa University (AAU). I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy and a Masters Degree in Chemistry from AAU in the 1980s. Although I came to the U.S. to pursue a higher education, like many other Ethiopian colleagues in the Diaspora, I remained in the U.S. after completing my studies in the 1990s. Since then, I have been looking for opportunities to give back or “To reverse the brain drain.”
[By Hailemeskel Bisrat, Addis Tribune]

   Tirunesh Dibaba runs 14:32.93 World Indoor 5000m record
Tirunesh DibabaBoston – USA (1/30/2005): With two members of Ethiopia’s Athens Olympic 5000m squad (including gold medallist Mesert Defar) entered in the 3000m, the entry of the third, Dibaba, went little remarked in the longer race, but Mesert Defarpacemaker Yelena Kanales set a blistering pace, pulling the race through the first kilometre at 2:55.8 and the second 5:50.9. (All splits are unofficial hand times.) The record attempt, though unannounced, was clearly on. By the end of the first kilometre, Kanales had pulled Dibaba and her older sister, Ejegayehu, the Olympic 10,000m silver medallist, five seconds ahead of any pursuit; after eight laps, the gap was ten seconds and growing.

   Fossils of early human ancestors may fill chimp lineage gap
CBC News (Wed, 19 Jan 2005) :LONDON – The remains of at least nine primitive human ancestors up to 4.5 million years old have been discovered by paleontologists working in Ethiopia.
The Ardipithecus ramidus fossils show significant ape-like characteristics of the ancient hominids, who lived in woodlands rather than the open savanna.

   Noah Samara urges to change “brain drain” into “brain gain”
“As non-resident Ethiopians take up the obligation to improve their homeland, this nation and its government face the corresponding obligation to facilitate the Diaspora’s participation and support its success. In other words, to make this work well, the Diaspora needs to be committed and the government needs to create a welcoming environment for that commitment.”
Noah Samara, president and CEO of World Space

Ethiopian Men and Women of the year 2004
Tigrai.net is pleased to recognize the following greatest Ethiopian individuals

as “Ethiopian Men and Women of the year 2004” for their commitment, dedication and accomplishment in their field.

  Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi
  Kenenisa Bekele
  Meseret Defar

  Ethiopia win Cecafa Cup
Hosts Ethiopia won the Cecafa Cup for the third time on Saturday when they beat Burundi 3-0 at the Addis Ababa Stadium.

I once saw a bumper sticker that said: “The meek shall inherit the earth. The rest of us will have gone to the stars…”, and a story I had heard as a child came to my mind. This is the story of The Golden Cat from the land of Tigray, Ethiopia. [By G. E. Gorfu]

   Ethiopian-born singer releases album in US
It was in the late 1970s, when a young Wayna Wondwossen was first introduced to American music. The three-year old toddler — who had immigrated to the United States from her native Ethiopia only days before — stood mesmerized beside her family’s record player, listening to Captain & Tennille’s hit “Love Will Keep Us Together” over, and over, and over again.

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