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U.S. advises Americans on Ethiopia travel

   Why ‘never again’ is not enough
As the world remembers the Holocaust, the inspiration for the Oscar-nominated film Hotel Rwanda says he doubts whether the lessons of the past have really been learnt.

   ETC, Nokia, Erickson Sign Mobile Expansion Project
The Daily Monitor (Addis Ababa): The Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation has signed a mobile telephone expansion project agreement with Eriksson and Nokia that will make 650,000 customers’ beneficiaries.

   Ethiopia Telecom’s Next Generation Network Supports a Nation’s Economic Transformation
Turning Ethiopia, one of the world’s poorest nations, from an agriculture-based economy to one influenced heavily by information and knowledge is no small challenge. But it is one the Ethiopian government is intent on rising to – with help from Cisco Systems.

   Ethiopian TV personality Alebachew Teka dies in car crash

   Ethiopian party in Seville
Zewdie, who is the reigning World Cross Country bronze medallist in the short race, arrived in Seville confident of his winning chances after his victory ahead of his countryman Meba Tadesse in Milan over 10km last 20 December.

   Ethiopia must change its agricultural policy or risk infecting donors with famine fatigue

   Myth and Reality about the Link between the Peace Initiative, Socio-Economic Development in Ethiopia
Addis Tribune: By Fekade Shewakena:“Ethiopia’s poverty and development efforts have a complex structural problem, a good part of which has to do with bad policy and sheer mismanagement. EPRDF officials also omit to mention the moral condition of the citizenry as an important factor in helping development efforts. The humiliation sustained by the Ethiopian people because of their government’s failures and incompetence that resulted in loss of confidence and a demoralized public are very important factors that negatively affect development efforts over time.”
   Marley’s remains ‘to be exhumed’
The wife of reggae legend Bob Marley has said that she plans to exhume his remains in Jamaica and re-bury them in his “spiritual home” of Ethiopia.

   U.S universities agree to work in partnership with Mekele University, Tigray StateGovernment
Mekele, 6,2005(ENA) Seven U.S-based universities have agreed to work in partnership with and provide support to the Tigray State Government and the Mekele University in the areas of development and capacity building.

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